Why is it now? A poem

A poem by 7-year-old Maggie.


Undertaker and Wolverine Chibi

The boy has been learning to draw via YouTube and then I color it. Wolverine and Undertaker Chibi with a little help from Cartooning 4 Kids. 

Bill Nye reboot

At first I thought the Boy Wonder was planning an edgy reboot for Bill Nye (especially for Disney) but then realized it’s actually a beaker. He’s a big fan of the science guy. 


Star Wars still

The boy wonder continues his Star Wars obsession. 


Monument Valley

The finished drawing as seen in the previous post. Also, a bonus first attempt at a sunset at Monument Valley, complete with selfie-taking hiker. By the boy wonder. 


On location: Monument Valley

The boy wonder drawing on location for sunset at Monument Valley. A few moments when the wind didn’t blow like A vengeful park ranger. 


Can you name these X-Men?

Can you name the x-men from left to right? Some character sketches by the baby girl.