Why is it now? A poem

A poem by 7-year-old Maggie.


Fall Colors – A Poem

Fall Colors Poem

Fall Colors Poem Close Up

My autumn eyes behold
Orange pumpkins in the patch
Rainbow sunsets floating through the breeze
Brown scarecrows standing on the barnyard

-Poem by Izzy



I know a dino
A Very, Very big one
I know, I know
To a great, great dino
dinos, dinos, dinos.

Poem by Izzy


Draw a Valentine for Someone You Love

Draw a Valentine for Someone You Love

Draw a Valentine for Someone You Love, crayon by Izzy.

“I will give the
valentine to my
family. Maybe on the
13th or the 12th. They
will love it! My 2 year
old sister won’t care.
They will say “Thank you!”


Me as a Pirate: A Little Critter Poem

Pirate Critter Poem

by Izzy – inspired by The Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer.

Me as a Piarite
a little critter poem

I am a piarite
A little critter piarite
My boat is called Critterit
My name is Captin Critter
I sale and sale intil I burst!