Undertaker and Wolverine Chibi

The boy has been learning to draw via YouTube and then I color it. Wolverine and Undertaker Chibi with a little help from Cartooning 4 Kids. 


Star Wars still

The boy wonder continues his Star Wars obsession. 

Monument Valley

The finished drawing as seen in the previous post. Also, a bonus first attempt at a sunset at Monument Valley, complete with selfie-taking hiker. By the boy wonder. 


Can you name these X-Men?

Can you name the x-men from left to right? Some character sketches by the baby girl. 


Tales of the Solos: an ensemble comedy

The boy is pitching what appears to be a sitcom based on the married life of Han and Leia. Coming Thursday nights this fall on NBC. 



The boy’s Cloud City. 


Star Wars drawing lessons

The boy has been giving the girl drawing lessons. She’s catching up. Their both improving. However, hairless Chewbacca and creeper Lando are rather unsettling.